1. Meet Dusty

    Get to know Dusty, the main character in Frank’s screenplay in the latest update of Tyranny of the Muse 2.



  2. The writing begins in a new page of Tyranny of the Muse on Study Group Comic Books!



  4. Tyranny 2 tease. New page coming Saturday to Study Group Comics.

  5. Was Tyranny of the Muse #1 the murder weapon on the ID Discovery series “My Dirty Little Secret”?


    From the episode” Killer Next Door.”

  6. Tyranny of the Muse #2 is live! Read the first 5 pages at Study Group Comics and check back every Saturday for a new installment!

    Click here to read: Study Group Comic Books » Tyranny of the Muse – Part 2 – by Eddie Wright & Jesse Balmer


  7. Tyranny of the Muse #2 Sneak Peek

    Frank and Bonnie take a drive.

    Coming very soon to Study Group Comics.


  8. Good things said about Tyranny of the Muse #1

    "Wright is playing with a clever and disturbing metaphor, juxtaposing the self-destructive nature of an addict with the often self-destructive nature of an artist within the creative process. Both are looking for a form of happiness and satisfaction, and in the case of this artist with writer’s block the choice is to shortcut natural inspiration with a chemically induced one.

    Balmer’s illustration is striking and grotesque while doing a great job of enhancing the urgency and destructive nature of the subject matter. At points, the main character Frank is literally melting away during what could be described as a personal meltdown. Bulmer’s high-contrast inking and excellent hatchwork are a great compliment to the overall feel of the book.”

    Read the whole review at Printed Matters.


  9. Tyranny of the Muse #1 Gets a Nice Review at Big Comic Page


    "Tyranny of the Muse is a book with an unconventional style, both visually and in terms of the tone. It’s definitely not going to be a comic that appeals to everyone, but I have to say, I found myself strangely intrigued with this odd protagonist and his growing neurosis. This is an up-close character study of a desperate man struggling with addiction and willing to do literally anything to make him feel like somebody again.

    Dark, surreal and almost suffocatingly bleak, I found myself drawn into disturbing nature of the story, like a car crash you just can’t tear your eyes away from. And I’m definitely planning on picking up the next issue to see just how the relationship between Bonnie and Frank plays out now that he has received his latest “inspiration fix”.”

    Head there to read the whole thing. 

  10. Tyranny of the Muse #2 Page 1

    Coming very soon to Study Group Comics