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    “If you’re the kind of reader who, after experiencing one of Grant Morrison’s more ‘out there’ writings, say ‘You know, I need something even more weird’ try TYRANNY OF THE MUSE.”- Aintitcool 

    "Wright’s first comic is brilliant, a raw and honest piece brought to life with Balmer’s savage and intuitive art." - Valerie D’Orazio

    “Incredible. Delves into the reality of writer’s block and brings it to terrifying life.” - Kurtis J. Wiebe, writer of Peter Panzerfaust, Green Wake

    “Balmer and Wright do fly together… For their first collaboration, they are a talented pair with a lot of promise.”- Newsarama

    “What Wright and Balmer have done here is akin to genius. They turn creativity into destruction, the muse into the dealer, and provide, perhaps, a cautionary tale to artists who feel bereft of inspiration.” - The Comics Bulletin

    "Wright is playing with a clever and disturbing metaphor, juxtaposing the self-destructive nature of an addict with the often self-destructive nature of an artist within the creative process." - Printed Matters

    "Dark, surreal and almost suffocatingly bleak, I found myself drawn into disturbing nature of the story, like a car crash you just can’t tear your eyes away from." - Big Comic Page